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When you enter our website through any device (cell phone, tablet or PC), this is how your privacy remains protected:

Collection and use of information

Once you enter the website, we automatically learn when you visited the website, your server’s IP address, and how you have navigated the site. We also use cookies, which are small files of information, to give us additional data.  We will only use the information for statistics or to make our website more usable (unless approved otherwise.)

If you send us an e-mail or a message us through some other means, we will have your e-mail address and details on file.  This implies consent on your part to receive information or offers. We will not disclose your e-mail address or details unless we have your permission.  If you do not wish to receive any further e-mails from us, you can click the “unsubscribe” link or write “unsubscribe” in the subject line of an e-mail that you send to us.

Personal or financial information

While all attempts were made to keep information entered by you on our website confidential (such as personal details, credit card numbers, etc…), there is always a small possibility that this information could be observed by a third party.

Links to websites

While our website gives some links to other websites, their privacy policies or content are not our responsibility. 

Your choices and opting-out

We recognize how important your online privacy is to you, so we offer the following options for controlling the targeted ads you receive and how we use your data:

  • You can opt out of receiving personalized ads served by us or on our behalf by clicking on the blue icon that typically appears in the corner of the ads we serve and following the instructions provided.  Please note that this “opt out” function is browser-specific and relies on an “opt out cookie”: thus, if you delete your cookies or upgrade your browser after having opted out, you will need to opt out again.
  • In some cases we may link multiple browsers or devices to you. If you opt out of on a browser or device and we have more linked to you, we will extend your opt out decision to the other linked browsers and devices. Since we only link users across browsers on devices in some conditions, there could be cases where you are still being tracked in a different browser or device we have not linked, and where we are treating you as a different user.
  • We also comply with the Canadian Self-regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising as managed by the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada (DAAC). You may opt out of receiving personalized ads from other companies that perform ad targeting services, including some that we may work with as Advertising Partners via the DAAC website here.
  • We also adhere to the European Interactive Advertising Digital Alliance (EDAA) guidelines for online advertising and you may opt out via their Your Online Choices website.
  • Please note that when using the ad industry opt-out tools described above:
  • If you opt-out your browser may still send us data, for example your IP address. However, we isolate this data and do not use it other than for accounting and, in some cases, for fraud prevention. If you have opted-out on that browser, we do not use this data to personalize ads or to track you.
  • If you use multiple browsers or devices we will additionally opt out those we have linked to you. Since we may not have all your browsers or devices connected back to your user, you may need to execute this opt out on each browser or device.
  • Other ad companies’ opt-outs may function differently than our opt-out.
  • To opt out of receiving targeted ads that are based on your behavior across different mobile applications follow the below instructions, for iOS and Android devices:
  • iOS 7 or Higher: Go to your Settings > Select Privacy > Select Advertising > Enable the “Limit Ad Tracking” setting
  • For Android devices with OS 2.2 or higher and Google Play Services version 4.0 or higher: Open your Google Settings app > Ads > Enable “Opt out of interest-based advertising”

Opting out will not prevent you from seeing ads, but those ads will likely be less relevant because they won’t be tailored to your interests. The ads might, for instance, be randomly generated or based on the web page you are visiting.

Some internet browsers allow users to send a “Do Not Track” signal to websites they visit. We do not respond to this signal at the present time.

Additional information

If you require more information, please contact [email protected]


The Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR) has made every attempt to make sure that this website provides only accurate information.  However, we make no representation regarding the content or accuracy of the information listed.

We are not responsible for mistakes or omissions and we still hold on to the right to change details as a result of changing circumstances and without notifying anyone directly.  It is your sole risk if you choose to use the information and data contained within this site. If you choose to rely on the information provided by this site, you accept full responsibility for verifying that information independently to see if it’s accurate or complete.

While we provide hypertext links to certain websites, there is no direct connection between the Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR) and the owners of those sites.  Each website we link will have their own terms and conditions of use.  It is our recommendation that you read them thoroughly.

All linked websites are left as they are and Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR) does not:

  1. endorse or contribute financially to any material on websites linked from or to this site
  2. make any warranties or claims regarding the accuracy, quality, financial practicality or fitness for purpose of any material on those websites
  3. make any claims or claims that the material on these websites does not infringe on intellectual property rights of anyone
  4. authorize infringement of any intellectual property rights listed in the privacy policy section of those websites

The Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR) (including its employees, officers and contractors):

  1. make no claims, outward or suggested, as to the accuracy of the information and data contained on this website
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  7. Do not confirm or guarantee that applications or payments made through this site will be received by the intended recipient. Please, check on the status of your payment through other means (such as contacting the recipient).

The Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR) may adjust and change this disclaimer whenever this page is updated.


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