Keynote Speaker Expression of Interest

The Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR) is an Australian-based research institute that brings together international professionals and experts in the business, social sciences, information and communication technology, and education domains. The institute publishes scholarly journals, provides training in advanced research epistemology and organizes local and international conferences. APIAR seeks to support researchers and research students in their endeavors to improve global information dissemination.

APIAR has created a world-class research institute that empowers educators and focuses on benchmarking and extending research efforts into successful business practices. As part of this mission APIAR continually strives to identify experienced individuals from both academia and industry to serve as keynote speakers for national and international conferences.  The institute is interested in potential keynote speakers with experience and success in research related to the business, social sciences, information and communication technology, and education sectors who are passionate about sharing their research and knowledge. Speakers will participate in the presentation of advances and research findings in business, social sciences, information and communication technology, and education.

Keynote speakers for APIAR have the opportunity to support the global dissemination of knowledge related to education, research and benchmarking of successful business practices. With an international audience, speakers can impact the global direction of academic and business efforts to enhance successful practices throughout the world. In addition to sharing their valuable research contributions, keynote speakers have the opportunity to develop a global network of researchers, academics, practitioners, consultants, and research students with similar interests in their respective domains.

So, if you are interested to become a keynote speaker in one of our upcoming conferences then please send us a resume at your earliest convenience. We are looking forward to hearing from you.