About Us

As an Australian-based research institute, we bring with us diversity in experience and expertise in three primary domains: Business, Social Sciences and Education. Responding to permanently evolving learning and knowledge consumption needs, we have brought together leading professionals, from all corners of the world, to share global knowledge. We specialize in cutting-edge technology as a mass communication medium, in the form of publishing academic journals, providing training in research epistemology and organizing local as well as international conferences. Support of researchers and research students in their endeavors to improve knowledge dissemination is one of our key drivers. We aim to combine these domains into one interdisciplinary academic vocation.

Mission Statement

To create a world-class research institute that empowers the education sector. Our research focuses on benchmarking and extending research in successful business practices. We intend to offer exciting networking and project building opportunities for our associates. We endeavor to achieve a better knowledge development climate in higher education and corporate training.

Vision Statement

Five years from now, APIAR will be the fastest growing knowledge sharing organization in the world. We will change the way the world manages research and utilizes its knowledge to make room for more. We will create efficient learning and transfer to work context strategies for a more cost and time-effective learning solution.