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The face of research has changed dramatically in the 21st century. Gone are the days of reading through hundreds of musty old books or spending countless hours trying to track down and interview experts. All you need to complete a research project today is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone and a reliable internet connection.

There is an almost endless amount of information available through the internet but, unfortunately, not all of that information is accurate as many of the sources are not authentic. Some of it may even purposely mislead or misinform the researcher.

Hence, the exchange of knowledge between researchers, where all the information is monitored for authenticity, is invaluable. Further, access to knowledge is not a privilege for an elite few, but should be freely available to everyone.

When knowledge becomes widely available, great things can, and will happen. Sharing knowledge allows it to be developed and built on, and this can lead to great discoveries and advancements. Therefore, APIAR encourages all academics and researchers to share their knowledge here.

Please submit any research relevant documents, articles or video links to [email protected] and, after reviewing your submission, we will make it available here. You will own the full copyright for your submitted work.

Please see the following two links for some interesting and relevant articles and videos: