Q. How will you ensure the high quality of your accepted conference/journal papers?
A. All of our conference/journal articles are peer reviewed to maintain high standards.
Q. Who are your article reviewers?
A. APIAR has selected reviewers from round the world. They are all academics who are renowned in their own fields of expertise.
Q. What is the maximum number of papers I can submit in a conference?
A. There is no limit; however, APIAR will accept a maximum of three papers from each author.
Q. Can I appeal against the rejection of an article?
A. Yes, the editorial panel will be happy to review your rejected article again.
Q. Can I publish an article without participating in the conference, because I am unable to attend?
A. You can; however, you should inform the APIAR management.
Q. Can I participate in the conference without publishing?
A. Yes, you can.
Q. How will I benefit from the conference?
A. Participants will have access to great networking opportunities and information-sharing with other academics, as well as free publication in the journals.
Q. Can I cancel my registration?
A. Yes, you can; however, rules and regulations will apply.