1st International Conference on Advanced Research (ICAR -2017), Bahrain

The 1st International Conference on Advanced Research (ICAR 2016) has been organised by Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR). Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) has agreed to provide APIAR relevant academic support. The conference will be held on 25th and 26th of January 2017 in Manama, Bahrain. The main theme of this conference is ‘Discover the Difference’. Accordingly, the conference will cover Business, Social Sciences, Education and Information and Communications Technology (ICT) disciplines. Internationally-recognized scholars will participate in the event to present their latest research and best practices.


The Asia Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR) is an Australian-based organisation dedicated to empowering the research sector. APIAR delivers experience and expertise across four primary domains: Business, Social Sciences, Education and ICT. In a response to evolving learning processes and knowledge consumption needs, APIAR collates the resources of leading professionals worldwide into a single platform of global knowledge. Through the publishing of academic journals, training in research epistemology and organization of both local and international conferences, APIAR uses cutting-edge technology to share resources as a leading mass communication medium. Support of researchers and research students in their efforts to enhance and distribute knowledge is a prime driver of APIAR, with the aim being to combine these domains into one interdisciplinary academic vocation. Another key focus is on benchmarking and extending research in successful business practices. With exciting networking and project-building opportunities for associates on the rise, APIAR endeavours to achieve a better knowledge development climate in higher education and corporate training. APIAR has set out to change the way the world harnesses knowledge in an effort to generate more. Showing promise as one of the fastest growing resource-sharing organizations worldwide, APIAR aims to create efficient learning strategies that readily transfer to work contexts for a more cost- and time-effective learning solution.

About PMU

PMU is one of the largest private universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. As the first private university to be established in the Eastern Province, PMU is the fulfilment of a vision from His Royal Highness Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdul-Aziz, former Governor of KSA Eastern Province. PMU is devoted to excellence in teaching, learning and research, offering graduate, undergraduate and professional programs across a variety of disciplines. Framed by local visionaries and a consortium of experts across 32 USA universities, PMU has inherited hundreds of years’ experience in USA higher education, while preserving the ethos of its Saudi identity. Today, PMU boasts diversity across faculty and students, successful graduation rates, competent graduates and a powerful curriculum. The modern grounds offer smaller class sizes for individual attention, open-door policy accessibility, accredited programs and evening classes, as well as healthy partnerships with neighbouring universities. A chief priority of PMU is contributing to the advancement of human intelligence, including the promulgation and development of knowledge. Research plays an integral role in reaching these ideals, so PMU endeavours to guide research activities that create solutions for persistent problems in surrounding communities through applied research and technical consultation. Creating and maintaining an infrastructure to enable high-level research includes the provision of laboratory space, support staff and statistical software for quantitative and qualitative research methods, promoting PMU’s growing status as a research-intensive university. The core values of PMU remain entrenched in Islamic principles, while still expanding to include efficient international practices. The result today is a proud Saudi university that is able to match global characteristics, specifications and standards in its ongoing pursuit of excellence.

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We, the conference organisers invite you to participate in this event where you can:

  • Strengthen your professional ties: this may lead to publications and job opportunities – an invaluable opportunity for post-PhD professionals.
  • Receive feedback and constructive critique on your ideas: benefit from the audience engaging with your content rather than focusing on your punctuation and references.
  • Refine your communication skills: move from your “isolating” research experience to a more collaborative and exchange of perspectives.
  • Participate in our conference and publish your research directly through the conference proceedings and journals. Don’t miss this great opportunity to get your work out there!

Our conferences are multidisciplinary and focus on different subject areas. Over the past few years an average of forty to fifty participants have participated in each event. Great interaction and professional networking took place on every occasion. You can take advantage of these benefits by participating in a conference that will assist you to enhance your research career.

All accepted papers will be peer reviewed and published in the conference proceeding to promote the prominent (and emerging) voices within your field of research.

Special Attractions
All of the accepted papers (i.e., high standard) will be published (i.e., conditions apply) without any extra fees in the following journals:

Asia Pacific Journal of Advanced Business and Social Studies (APJABSS) (ISSN: 2205-6033)
Asia Pacific Journal of Contemporary Education and Communication Technology (APJCECT) (ISSN: 2205-6191)

Publish With PMU (JGRHB) Journal
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) will also select few articles from different areas to be published in their upcoming Journal of Global Research on Humanities and Business (JGRHB, ISBN: 978-0-9953980-23).
NVivo Workshop

NVivo is a software package that can assist you in your qualitative data analysis. The workshop, which will run on the first two days (23–24 Jan 2017) of the upcoming conference, will be an intensive, hands-on introduction to the software, and will provide a comprehensive overview of NVivo and its main functions and processes. The aim is to give you a comprehensive understanding of the software.

The workshop will cover all the essential NVivo tools: formatting, creating/importing documents, linking, coding, searching, modelling, multi-media and visuals. When you return to your desk you will have a clear idea of how to proceed with your project, and you will have the skills you need to do it. Ideally, you should do this short course early in the design phase of your project as one of the most frequent comments made at NVivo workshops is “if only I’d done this sooner….!” All participants are required to bring along the data they wish to analyse for use in the ‘Own Project’ sessions. If you have no interview data, then literature and project notes will be a good start, or perhaps some transcripts you have previously analysed. In the ‘Own Project’ session you will set up your project in a guided environment in which any issues related to any participant’s data will be identified.

This workshop is ideal for researchers wishing to analyse rich messy qualitative data, and is especially useful for postgraduate students planning to use NVivo software to manage their data analysis. The registration fee is USD 500, and is separate from the paper registration fee.

Publish With 'B' Ranked Journals
In a venture to reinforce its support to academics and researchers, Asia-Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR) is pleased to inform you of a new agreement to publish high-quality conference articles in the following two journals:

– International Journal of Web Based Communities (ISSN: 1741-8216)
– International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-Long Learning (ISSN: 1741-5055)

All conference articles from 2nd Asia Pacific Conference on Contemporary Research (APCCR- 2016) will be checked against the rigorous criteria set by these two journals, and articles meeting the requirements will be published in special issues of the journals.

All conference articles from 1st International Conference on Advanced Research (ICAR- 2016) will be checked against the rigorous criteria set by these two journals, and articles meeting the requirements will be published in special issues of the journals.