Top 8 Reasons to Participate in Our Conferences

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Asia-Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR) is an Australia-based research institute focusing on the primary domains of Business, Social Sciences, ICT and Education. By attending our conferences, you will gain a unique learning experience along with the added benefits of career building options, and opportunities to become research-active as well as meet researchers from around the world. With the constantly evolving technology and high level of competition, it has become essential for academics to publish in conference proceedings and journals. You will also gain the confidence to present your findings when you get exposure to the right audience at the conference.

Thus, we present the top 8 reasons to attend our conferences.

1. Get into the right network

APIAR is keen to give academics a platform for sharing their knowledge across several different domains (i.e., Business, Social Science, ICT and Education). Our specialties lie in providing training in research epistemology, publishing academic journals and in strategizing and executing small- to medium-sized international academic conferences in Business, Social Science, ICT and Education. Supporting research students and researchers in boosting their project outcomes is a crucial part of our conferences as it enhances knowledge dissemination. Our motive is to have a single interdisciplinary academic vocation by blending all these domains together. The focal point of our conference will extend to various areas of benchmark research.

In their feedback, participants from our past conferences state that these events are rewarding experiences. The participants learned a lot about the current research in their respective fields. The participants also mention that publication in the conference proceedings and journals helped them to remain research-active.

Being a part of these conferences helps you to grow your professional network with the right people, boost your knowledge base and enhance your research career. We believe in encouraging the quest for knowledge as much as possible – through seminars, paper reviews and conferences to assist academics throughout their professional journey. Through a platform that connects you with scholars and associates across the globe, you’ll raise your chances of accomplishing your academic goals.

2. Research scholarships and collaboration

Are there any other benefits you’ll get from attending an APIAR conference? Well, you’ll have a plethora of advantages including a chance to win a scholarship for the best paper. You can enter the competition by submitting your high-quality full paper presentation. If you are one of the winners, you’ll be exempted from paying the fee of the following APIAR conference. Winners will be chosen from the registered participants only. When your presentation attracts a substantial amount of attention in the conference this way, your research project will also benefit from wider attention.

Our conference is associated with institutes across the globe, including the University of Utrecht, Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University, the University of Twente, the University of Eastern Finland, The Case Centre, U.K., and Universitas Pertamina, Indonesia to name only a few. It means a large pool of knowledge is available at the conferences for everyone present to take advantage of – you can explore further sponsorships and funding opportunities to accomplish your research objective and move towards your career goals. If your project sounds interesting, a sponsor might wish to invest in your venture.

APIAR is keen to build research collaboration with academics of proven research backgrounds. We welcome those who have already published in top-ranked journals to submit their research proposals (500 words maximum) for further consideration. Ideally, you should mention research problem(s) and methodology as well as theoretical and practical contributions in the proposal. We are looking forward to receiving research proposals from top-notch researchers.

3. Knowledge-sharing organisation

For academic success, it is very important to sharpen one’s knowledge, or as Stephen Covey expressed it to ‘sharpen the saw’. Knowledge-sharing is one of the most significant practices among highly effective people. Just as a blunt axe cannot cut a tree, a dull mind never curates a brilliant idea.

By taking a break from your work to attend these conferences, you’ll have the chance to enhance your knowledge and learn from like-minded people.

Reading a published paper online or anywhere else does not familiarise you with the actual process or research involved. By exchanging knowledge through our conferences, participants gain deeper insights as well as meeting people. These events bring you more opportunities and broader viewpoints on business and science.

Through our conferences, we motivate and enable participants to move forward and acquaint themselves with other research scholars in their niche. Whatever industry background you belong to, you are sure to learn something new in our conferences.

4. Keep pace with the constantly changing world

The only constant thing in today’s academic research is ‘change’. It’s interesting how knowledge can keep growing. The internet undoubtedly helps us keep up with all the changes going on around us, but participation in the conferences will better inform you of the latest progress and other details with insider views of the contemporary research in your area of expertise.

Showcasing the best research material, our compact-sized and well-organised conferences can show you a new approach, an easy explanation, and a solution to complex problems. Even though the information may already be available on the internet, delivering it to the world and presenting it in a well-planned structure is hard to accomplish and less effective in an online summit. Through the conferences we organize, however, you can learn more easily and thoroughly about new and trending areas of research to widen your scope in the future.

5. Strengthen your professional ties

Our conferences are not ‘all work and no play’. We bring together academics from a number of countries and give them the chance to socialise – with opportunities to grow their professional networks and strengthen their ties. The coffee/tea and lunch breaks offer you the ideal way to meet a prospective mentor or even a research associate. Being a part of our community means investing in your own growth with a knowledge bank to back you up.

Attendance at our conferences, in other words, will help you connect with people outside your circle as well as make some influential connections. Our conferences will give you the right exposure to meet the right group of people.

Research-active scholars participate in the conferences to present their latest research and best practices. Rather than isolating your research work, engage in a deep and meaningful discussion with these scholars. You can participate and publish your research directly and have a great opportunity to succeed in your research work.

You can also enhance your research career by taking advantage of the rich knowledge pool from our past conferences. You can get to know people with  diverse cultural backgrounds from across the globe who can help you to develop further professionally. As achieving academic success and reaching out to knowledgeable persons in their field are the main purposes of any scholar, we provide a place for your research work on an international platform.

6. Free journal publication

APIAR primarily deals with four of the important contemporary subjects: Business, Social Science, ICT and Education. Hence, publishing in journals plays a crucial part in enhancing your academic research career and in helping you to reach a wider academic audience.

As a conference participant, you’ll have the opportunity to publish your full-paper in one of our online journals free of charge. Our fully open-access (OA) journals will allow you to share your research findings with the wider academic community in your area of expertise. This APIAR initiative enables academics to publish their full-papers.

Publication in one of our journals will also assist you to take your academic career further. In addition, our journals are indexed with several useful well-known databases.

7. Challenge and grow

There is a saying that meeting challenges brings out the best in us. By attending APIAR conferences, you will develop yourself and grow the reputation of your academic institution. When you submit your abstract, you’ll be on the way to developing your career within a globally recognized academic environment.

Networking gives you a new perspective on things that are vital for your research. At the conference, we can direct you towards academic collaboration with fellow researchers and experts from different countries.

Your success greatly depends on your mindset while participating in a stimulating conference. There is no greater satisfaction than receiving appreciation and encouragement for your work. Presenting your research paper in a room full of scholars is quite different from giving a presentation in front of your regular peer group, and can have a much stronger impact.

Participating in a world-class conference can present some tough challenges but if you adopt a positive attitude, it can mean a leap forward in your research work.

8. Take home constructive feedback

Receiving critiques and constructive feedback is invaluable in helping you to recognise and overcome your own weaknesses. Paying attention to any criticisms and suggestions is also beneficial for improving the quality of your further research.

Attending our conferences will enhance your own development as well as creating a new benchmark for others. Acknowledging any deficiencies and considering any advice can strengthen you as an academic and aid your progress, earning you the reputation of an active member in academia.

The value of your work can only be estimated when one of your papers is evaluated by experts. Our conferences provide you with that opportunity. You’ll return home with more confidence and with some new ideas on how to carry your work forward.

You can enrich your subject knowledge by engaging with other presenters and asking questions about their presentations.

Winding up

Asia-Pacific Institute of Advanced Research (APIAR) is an expanding organisation that utilizes and continuously disseminates knowledge. Our conferences help you broaden your academic and professional circles. We continuously strive to publish scholarly works across the globe that can bring the most advanced innovation and meet the highest ethical standards. For a comparatively low fee, we bring together academics from all over the world to share their research findings.

In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to obtain professional career advice at the conference as well as learning about other topics beyond your own field of work, enabling you to gain insights into other disciplines. At the same time, the research presentations from fellow scholars give you a deeper knowledge of your niche. Further, as a particular piece of research extends beyond its primary focus, the ‘why, how and if’ involved broadens the horizons more.

Knowing a large pool of scholars brings innumerable benefits. There might be an open position in your organization you’ve been looking to fill with the right candidate, for example, and you’ll have a good chance of finding the talent you’ve been looking for. So, don’t miss out on the benefits of attending our conferences. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy your stay while you learn and grow within the knowledge pool we facilitate.

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